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Locks and security systems for home security equipment

Tricyclic Lock Industry (tri-circle) for residential security solutions that can be used independently from the apartment to a variety of residential and other environments. For residential locks and security systems must prevent burglary and theft, but also easy to use, and door accessories to match home decor. From the traditional mechanical locks the entrance door to the advanced electronic locks for residential applications security solutions to meet the needs of home safety and security. Garage doors, padlocks and access control systems can be combined with existing alarm system, to create a secure environment. The apartment building's access control system is connected to the access telephone booking area, garage and general area, so that tenants and visitors life more secure and convenient.

Entering the door
Entering the door

The entry door is the first line of defense against illegal entry. Whether it is a residential or apartment entrance door and hardware installed on the door must be able to prevent unauthorized access. Electromechanical lock solutions and electronic locks as well as access control solutions can also be used to provide security for home and apartment entrances.

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